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data centers are among the best-connected hosting facilities in the world. Our data centers are implemented through a high-speed network specifically designed for dedicated server hosting. The Datacenter has invested in both network equipment and backbone connections to ensure that customers get the fastest access possible to their content and applications.

The Datacenter have multiple network connections to different Internet backbones, allowing data to be distributed though many sources - meaning that network is not dependent upon any single Internet backbone.

Our network architecture utilizes the Enterprise routing and switching engines from Juniper and Cisco. We utilize Juniper M20 routers as border routers, Cisco 6500 series switches in our distribution layer, Cisco 6500 and 5500 switches in our aggregation layers, and Cisco 3500 and 2900 series switches at the customer layer. Our network is fully meshed and redundant with 8 backbone providers. Our current network consists of UUNet (GigE), Sprint (GigE), Level 3 (GigE), Global Crossing (GigE), Verio (GigE), Time Warner (GigE), Allegiance Telecom (2 x GigE), and AboveNet (2 x GigE). Please see our network diagram below.

Current Internet Backbone Carriers - 10Gbps Total

Verio - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Sprint - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Level 3 - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Abovenet - 2 x GigE Connection (2000Mbps)
MCI / UUNET - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Global Crossing - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Allegiance Telecom - 2 x GigE Connection (2000Mbps)
Time Warner Telecom - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)


Building Fiber

MCI / UUNet - OC48 SONET Ring
XO Communications - OC48 SONET Ring
Time Warner Telecom - OC48 SONET Ring
Looking Glass Networks - multiple - OC48 SONET Rings


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